Monday, December 28, 2009

Rings on her Fingers

If you're a regular reader of my blog you'll know that I recently moved into a brand new house. It's all shiny and new and still has that new house smell. But it didn't come with a driveway or paths around the house so all I want for Christmas..... is concrete! Yes, concrete. You see, we have red soil on our property and by red, I mean sticky, heavy, muddy red clay. The kind you sink into when it gets wet.... And it's summer in Queensland (aka the wet season) and this past week has brought a LOT of rain. So concrete would be a great gift.

We've been waiting for the concretor since early November. He's a busy man and that is a good thing but oh my, I'm so sick of the mud and the shoe store that has developed at the front door. But thankfully, in between the passing storms, the concretors have been able to set up their form work and pour firstly the paths around the house and then the driveway. Yaaay! I got exactly what was on my wish list.

But whilst all this was going on I've been working away creating lots of new bangles for the Little Lovelies range which I've uploaded to the gallery at Mill Lane Studio plus some new additions - even smaller little lovelies - a couple of resin rings.
Citrus Splash is a narrow dome shaped ring. For those of you with slender fingers, you might even be able to wear it on your other fingers but for most of us, it only fits on your little pinkie.
Emerald Burst is a wide domed ring. The internal diameter of this ring is larger than the narrow domed ring and it's sized for the ring or middle finger.

Both the rings are available on my website now along with six new bangle designs too. Check them out in the gallery at Mill Lane Studio.

Well it's off to the shops for me - I'm going to brave the crowds at the post Christmas sales and hopefully pick up a bargain.

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  1. Beautiful work. The rings are gorgeous, just like the bangles. The rain is lovely but I'll bet you're glad your concreting is finished.

  2. Thanks Ancient Elf.
    And yes, I'm very glad to have solid footing to walk on now. The rain has been wonderful but we're just a little bit soggy now.


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