Sunday, March 28, 2010

Illuminating! A quick fix for a broken lamp shade

Here's an easy project that came about because of a little mishap. This cute little glass tea light holder came to grief when the breeze picked up one warm day last week and knocked it off the sideboard and onto the tiled floor.... smaaaash. And that was the end of the glass cover. No great disaster though because it was a cheap pick up from the Two Dollar shop.So today's project is to make a simple, but pretty replacement. I've gathered together some vellum, flat back crystals and a couple of flower punches. Oh, and adhesive! Don't forget the vellum adhesive because it won't show through.

Firstly, trace a pattern for the cover. Do this by placing one of the struts along the edge of a piece of scrap paper. Roll the frame around the paper tracing the outline as you go. Do this for the top and the bottom. This will be much easier to do if your cover is still in tact and not in a dozen pieces like mine. Next, trace it on to vellum. Cut it out and use vellum tape to tape the edges together.

Punch out as many flowers as you need to decorate the shade. Layer the small flowers inside the large ones and add a pretty crystal for the centre.Attach the assembled flowers to the shade and voilà! A simple but pretty replacement shade. Notice the faint yellow glow? No, it's not a tea light..... it's a battery operated fake. It even flickers like a real tea light. Illuminating!

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  1. This is a very cool idea. I have to keep buying new ones for the same reason. Will it work with regular tea lights? Also, can you safely do this over a full size lamp shade that has a bulb in it? I have some pretty cool lamps, but the shades are pretty dirty and dusty and I really can't afford to buy new ones.

  2. Hi Renee
    If you want to use a tea light, why not try mulberry paper which is what they use in the Asian sky lanterns. It is less flammable than paper. Always take care with a tea light especially if it's sitting in a wobbly little tripod frame like mine. It should be fine to do this over an existing lamp shade as long as the shade doesn't sit too close to the bulb.


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