Monday, March 22, 2010

A New Colouring Idea for Resin

I've been playing with a new resin colouring idea recently. The idea came about when I had some casts I didn't particularly like. But I'm a great believer that most things are rescuable. Not too many of the things I make end up in the bin, although it does happen occasionally. As most of my students will tell you, my motto is that there is no such thing as a disaster - only opportunities to create new ideas. And that is how this technique came about.

Unhappy with the colour and texture of a cab I had cast, I set about trying to improve it and added layer upon layer of colour until I was happy with the result. I wish I had a "before" shot to show you because it was really ugly. But now it is one of my favourite pieces!It's wired together with a beautiful brass stamping which incorporates a wrapped bail to thread an interesting, fine chain through. It looks quite like an heirloom piece and if my daughters have their way that's exactly what it will become - an heirloom to be passed down through the generations!

The second piece was actually quite a nice cast but I wanted to work with the technique some more and this seemed like a good base to work on. It's a double sided piece and the colours on the back are similar yet totally different to the front. The lovely brass stamping was a special find on a trip to New York and it was the perfect fit for the heart.It's amazing how different the two pieces look from each other and yet they use the exact same technique!

I'll share more pieces using this technique in the future and some will even be available for purchase in the resin gallery of my website but I'll let you know when.

I'll be back later in the week with more creative ideas to show you.
'Til then,

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