Thursday, July 21, 2011

CHA Report - Day 1

Another day draws to a close at CHA. Sunset from my hotel room tonight.

Day 1 of the show is already over and I only managed to spend two half hours stints on the show floor between setting up my Designer Showcase and dashing off to seminars. But that doesn't mean I didn't have time to fit in some quality browsing.

My best find of the day was at the Mark Richards booth. And that's an interesting story because on my way to the Convention Centre today I shared the lift with a lady wearing a stunning pendant that I couldn't help but comment on - it was truly eye catching. What I discovered at the Mark Richards booth was that one of their ranges - Crystal Stickers - was the wonderful component that made this lady's jewellery grab my attention. Jackpot! As you know, I LOVE pretty sparkly things and so I absolutely LOVE these!
So, what's so great about these permanent crystal stickers? Well, apart from the great designs they come in, they will attach permanently to many different surfaces including wood, cardstock and shells without the application of heat. I'll be trying these on many other surfaces too such as leather and resin. Needless to say I was delighted to have found this product and you'll no doubt see some samples on my blog and perhaps even in classes later in the year.

My second great find was Impress Art's metal stamp sets. I love using metal stamps in my mixed media work but I only have one very plain font in my collection. There are now 20 different fonts available. This is so exciting for anyone interested in mixed media jewellery because now you can personalise your metal, leather and wood with fancy script fonts as well as fancy print fonts. Some of these will be making their way home with me too and I see an excess baggage allowance bill on the horizon!

I can't wait to see what Day 2 brings.

'Til next time.....

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