Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It's a Cats Life!

The weather in Brisbane has turned quite summery these past few weeks and gone are the cool nights when my little kitty kat sought out a warm lap to curl up in. Instead she has now taken to spreading herself out as far as she can on the tiled floor to cool off. Who can blame her - she hasn't shed her winter coat yet!

So it's not unusual for her to lay on the studio floor in wait for fallen beads to skate crazily across it. Chasing beads is one of her favourite past-times but tonight she reckons there wasn't enough action down there so she joined me on the beading table where she could create a little bit of mischief and "accidentally" knock a few beads on to the floor. Gotta love the way kitty kat thinks!

After a few minutes excitement she joined me back on the table..... intently watching what I was doing.
And then she lay down her head on her paws and had a nap.

Next day, and she's plonked herself right back in the middle of my work space again......
Impossible! How are you supposed to work around that?!!

Oh..... it's a cat's life!

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  1. I also have one of these little 'helpers' apparently the workspace is 'THE' place to sit - there is no work getting done when your cat wants attention :O)

  2. You're so right Kate! But aren't they sweet?!!


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