Friday, November 25, 2011

Kashmiri Opulence Jewellery Class

I really respect people who work in warehouses picking orders. It's a tough job making sure you get everything right. People expect to get what they ordered, so the pressure is on the pickers to get it right. Very occasionally, and by that I mean RARELY do my orders ever turn up with incorrect items in them.

But what do you do when the beads ordered for a class arrive from overseas 4 days before your class and they are not what you ordered?

Why, you redesign the project of course!

So for tonight's workshop, instead of doing this:

or this:

you'll be doing this:
AND this:

or this:
 AND this:
And all for the same price.  What a bonus: you get to create 2 necklaces instead of 1.

Hope you like the new designs! 

Happy crafting.....

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