Monday, November 7, 2011

What is a Collection?

Since creating the collection of Moonlight and Pearl earrings last the week, I have been pondering a question:

"What defines a collection?"

At first glance, a collection would seem to be grouping of items with a common theme. But when I started to think about what comprises a collection in fashion or jewellery, there seemed to be more to it. In fashion and jewellery you can't just throw a group of disparate items together and consider it a collection. So I did a little research and this is what I learned:
  1. A collection is made up of a number of pieces which coordinate to tell a trend/story/theme
  2. The individual pieces can be worn in different combinations to create a set or a look
  3. All the pieces are designed by the same designer.
So, is it OK to call my Moonlight and Pearls collection "a collection"?

Well, let's see if the criteria fits!

At first I would have said no because all the pieces are earrings. But, if you add in the original necklace and the restrung double stranded necklace, then maybe. But I think it needs more pieces to qualify so I've added a bracelet/cuff to the collection.
OK, I think now it just scrapes through the first point so let's give that a tick.

Point No. 2: with the necklace and the bracelet/cuff included in the set, the pieces can now be worn in different combinations; limited combinations, but combinations none the less! So point number 2 gets a tick.

And now for the third point: designed by the same designer. Well, I didn't design the original necklace and the extent of my designing for the double stranded necklace was limited to restringing it and adding a second strand. Sadly, a restring doesn't qualify for designing it which means that the necklaces don't count.

My conclusion from all this is that Moonlight and Pearls is not a collection in the true sense of the word..... but perhaps the earrings qualify as a mini collection.

From the original 4 strands of beads I've created a double stranded necklace, 6 pairs of earrings and a cuff/bracelet. And all that I have left is just one moonshine bead, one pearl, a handful of silver spacers and the mini silver balls left. Want to see what I can do with these?

I'm sure there is another piece of jewellery in there.... perhaps I can make Moonlight and Pearls into a collection yet!

Stay tuned!

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  1. Thank you for sharing, I always did wonder what exactly a collection was in jewelry. :) Now I know! Can't wait to see what you do with the remaining bits. I love that cuff bracelet, it's gorgeous!

  2. Hi Jen, Another thing I learned is how many pieces it takes to make a collection .... the answer is between 30 and 40 for fashion. That's a huge number of pieces. I don't think I can stretch the handful of beads I have left to make Moonlight and Pearls a collection but it will be a challenge to see if there is more than one piece left in those last few beads :)


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