Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Is that Birdy, or Birdie?

One thing I have always prided myself on is my spelling. I know I make mistakes sometimes..... and I know I make typos that I don't pick up when I proof read. But really, how do you spell birdie? I mean birdy. They both look so strange when they are typed!

So, why the sudden fascination with how to spell?

Well, at CHA I did a MITI at the ImpressArt booth using one of their metal alphabet stamps and a bezel. I decided to keep it nice and simple and just hammer out the word birdie. I thought I was pretty clever beginning in the middle of the word so that I'd be able to centre it around the outside curve of the bezel. But it seems my eye was a bit crooked that day and I ran out of room and couldn't fit all the letters in...... so "birdie" became "birdy"!

Spelling aside, I have plans for this little tag - it is getting the resin treatment. Watch as it transforms from plain little birdy into a mini collage piece.

Here's how the piece started out.

I rubbed StazOn ink into the letters to highlight them.....

......and then cleaned up the excess ink with methylated spirits
.......so that it was all nice and shiny again.

I used Magic-Glos for this project because it is quick curing and I can create several layers in a short time. There are at least 6 layers on this piece!

I wanted this piece to be bursting with colour so for the background I added a scrap of wrapping paper that was popping with strong red and green. The second layer is text-printed tissue paper from Collections Elements. One of the great things about resin is how it makes tissue paper almost transparent which allows whats underneath to show through.

The next couple of layers have more text and then a little dried flower.

I wanted my little birdy to really sing in his little garden so for the last two layers I added a water slide transfer from Nunn Designs and some music note rubons from DCWV. And the finishing touch is a resin bird.
So my little birdy now has a garden of his own to sing in and sing he does!

But sadly, when I returned to my studio this morning, birdy had done a runner! It seems that StazOn ink and Magic-Glos are not compatible.

Not to worry.... discoveries like this are important. Now I have an opportunity to find a solution to this little challenge. One day, when I discover what that solution is, I'll share it with you.

'Til next time.....

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