Sunday, February 5, 2012

Shopping Expedition at Michaels

You might think it's a bit strange that I would even think about making a trip to Michaels Craft store when I've travelled to the US for CHA, undoubtedly one of the world's largest craft shows. But it makes much more sense when you realise that CHA is a "look but don't touch" shopping experience. Because it's a trade show, you can't buy anything off the shelf to take home with you. Instead, you have to wait for it to be released and then shipped to your local retailer. So you see, a trip to Michaels is essential to stock up on hard to get craft items.

Shopping at Michaels is a lot of fun: the store is packed full of crafty goodness for every craft you can think of! But if you're a regular reader of my blog, it won't be too hard for you to guess which aisles I spend most of my time in. And if you're not, then check out the shopping bag below for a hint.
As you'd expect, my bag includes lots of beads, crystals and findings, plus some of my favourite paper crafting items such as printed transparencies and rub ons.

But I walk each and every aisle at Michaels because you never know when you'll find an absolute treasure in the most unexpected section of the store. I found some great floral stems which will work really well in my mixed media jewellery, a fabulous toile-print waxed tissue paper and a pocket-size packet of tissues with small images on them. I've got these items earmarked for some resin projects I'm working on.

But this is one of my best finds: a compact wrap-style pouch for my jewellery making tools.

The elasticized straps will keep everything safely and securely in place and it will be really handy for travelling.
Don't you just love the turquoise and lime colour combination!

I could have spent hours (and hundreds of dollars!) in this store - oh, it's so easy to get carried away when you're on a shopping expedition in a place like this! But lucky for me, the cab driver returned to collect me at the pre-arranged time which kept my spending in check.

Later in the week I'll be back with photos of some of the cool things I found and did at CHA.
'Til next time.....

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