Monday, September 29, 2014

Keeping the Resin Dome Level in Earrings with a Post Back

If you've ever worked with chatons and epoxy resin or resin clay in a stud or post-back earring bezel (or any bezel with a post/pin such as a brooch or a clutch pin), you'll know how difficult it is to keep them horizontal and level whilst they cure.
Pair of bezel earring studs

Here's a little trick you might find helpful: use the foam protector that comes in the chaton packaging.
Pack of mixed blue Swarovski chatons

After creating your sparkly earring, stand the foam upright and insert the earring post in the top.
Placing the crystal studded epoxy clay earring studs into foam

 Place the foam in a medicine cup (or a shot glass) and fill with rice to stablise it.
Stabilising the foam by surrounding it with rice in a small cup

Now your resin can cure without fear of spilling or curing lopsided! You can also try this trick with liquid epoxy resin but just set your earring posts into the foam before you begin pouring the resin - your earrings will have a perfectly level dome.

Here's another post with tips on how to stabilise bezels with uneven backs.

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How to keep bezels level when working with resin inspiration sheet

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