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Blush Memory Wire Bracelet

Blush memory wire bracelet

Show Mum how much she means to you this Mother's Day by making her this beautiful Peach Blush Wrap Bracelet. It's a really simple design, but the delicate colour combination of peach and blush, combined with a variety of textures and shapes, makes this a very classy and elegant bracelet. And although it looks complex, it's an easy project, even for a beginner jewellery maker. You can put this bracelet together in an hour or so! This project first appeared in the Summer 2017 issue of Craft Ideas.
Memory wire bracelet strung with Czech glass rondelles, rose gold curved hollow tubes, freshwater rice pearls and a strand of Jesse James beads in shades of delicate dogwood, blush and peach.

Here's a shopping list of the supplies you'll need:

Jesse James Design Elements Pale Dogwood Strand #1
6mm Peach freshwater rice pearls, angle-drilled (or top-drilled), Peach, 16” strand
Czech rondelle, 4mm x 2mm, peach and silver, four 4.5” strands
Curved hollow tubes, 40mm x 2.5mm, rose gold, ten (substitute these shorter tubes if you can't find longer ones)
Bracelet memory wire, gold

Round nose pliers
Memory wire shears - these are essential for cutting memory wire.

How to make a Memory Wire Bracelet

Cut a 9-ring coil of memory wire using memory wire shears. Turn an outward facing loop on one end.
Turning an outside loop on the end of the gold memory wire using round nose pliers

String the Apollo Gold rondelles onto the memory wire. To save time, transfer them to the memory wire by inserting the end into the rondelles whilst they are still on the strand. Once you have strung one full coil, check it for length by wrapping the beaded section of the memory wire around your wrist. It should be long enough to go around your wrist completely. Add more beads if needed. Slide all the beads down to the loop.
Transferring the Apollo Gold Czech glass rondelles onto the memory wire from the bead strand

String five hollow tubes onto the memory wire. If you've used shorter tubes, then string enough to measure 20cm (8"). Check the length on your wrist again to make sure that there are enough tubes to wrap around your wrist once.
Stringing the rose gold curved hollow tubes onto the memory wire

String the rice pearls onto the wire. If you are using angle-drilled pearls, always stringing from the hole on top of the pearl and out through the hole on the side. Once you have strung one full coil, test the bracelet on your wrist to check that you have added enough for one full wrap around your wrist.
Stringing the pearls onto the memory wire so that they lie in a wheatsheaf pattern.

Keeping the same order as on the strand, string the Jesse James beads onto the memory wire. This is the centre of the bracelet. String the other half of the bracelet to match, in reverse order.
Stringing the Jesse James focal beads onto the memory wire

Slide all the beads up to the loop, removing all the gaps. If you've use angle-drilled pearls, they should be sitting in a wheatsheaf pattern.
Sliding all the beads along the memory wire to remove any gaps between the beads.

Hold the beads firmly in place and trim the wire to 10mm (3/8”).
Trimming the memory wire with memory wire shears for the finishing loop.

Turn an outward facing loop to finish the bracelet.
Turning an outward facing loop to finish the bracelet

To wear your wrap bracelet, wind it around your wrist and adjust the wrapping until the focal beads sit across the front of your wrist.

Your Mum will love this bracelet. And she'll love it even more when she knows you made it especially for her.... that is, if you can bear to part with it!

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Delicate and elegant blush memory wire bracelet inspiration sheet.

Tutorial sheet with step outs for how to make the Blush Memory Wire Bracelet

'Til next time....

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  1. This is a beautiful bracelet, and I am looking forward to trying it for myself.

    1. Thank you! And even though it looks complicated, it's a really simple design. It's amazing what the right beads can do!

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