Monday, April 1, 2019

Ombré Blossom Cluster Earrings

Pink ombré blossom earrings made with layers of acrylic flower beads

If you're itching for Spring colour to arrive in your garden, then this Ombré Blossom Earrings project will whet your appetite for what's to come as the weather warms up. With the cold, dreary days of winter gone, it's time to liven up your wardrobe with some florals and inject brighter colours into your accessories. And these pretty pink cluster earrings are the perfect fit.

Here's what you'll need to make your own pretty floral earrings:

2 17mm x 4mm burgundy acrylic or Lucite flowers
28 silver head pins
2 41mm silver eye pins
14 4mm silver jump rings
Denatured alcohol and a disposable cloth
Seed bead tube or other curved object for shaping earring wires

Tools: round nose pliers, chain nose pliers, flat nose pliers, flush cutters, cup burr or metal file, ruler and permanent marker

If you've never made your own earring wires before, follow these steps. Or head on over to this tutorial which shows you how to make elfin earring wires. You'll need to make a matching pair.
Step by step photos of how to turn an eye pin into an elfin or elven shaped earring wire.

Thread a red flower on a head pin and place it in the tip of the jaws of the chain nose pliers. Bend the head pin above the jaws at an angle of between 45° and 90°.

Using the round nose pliers, grip the head pin above the bend and wrap the wire around the top jaw.

 It should cross in front of the neck forming a loop.

Remove the round nose pliers and grip the loop with chain nose pliers, whilst wrapping the tail neatly around the neck of the head pin two or three times.

Trim the excess wire close to the neck. Repeat with all the flowers except the burgundy acrylic flower.

Thread an AB crystal and the burgundy acrylic flower on a head pin and make a wrapped loop.

Thread the Garnet crystal on a head pin and make a wrapped loop.

Connect the Garnet crystal to 4 links of chain using a jump ring. Link another jump ring to the end of the chain and attach the burgundy flower.

Hook another jump ring into the previous one and add two red flowers. Add another jump ring between these two flowers so that one flower sits on either side and add another jump ring and two more red flowers. Repeat with the fuchsia flowers. Add a jump ring, 2 pink flowers, the almond earring wire and the last 2 pink flowers.

Make a second earring to match.

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  1. Wonderful tutorial for making earrings - can these also be made as clip on earrings?

    1. Yes, they can, Harmony. You'll need to look for a clip on fitting with a dangling loop. You may need to add an extra jump ring to connect the two components together.

  2. Making earing is not that much easy I know! In your article You show a very easy process to make earring through some picture step by step. But one thing I am new in this Field. I already tried but I became fail to make such a good earring like your! It seems hard to me, because you show how to mark and give Proper shape! It seems hard to me! And another thing is in my place yhese ingredients is enough tough to find out, I dont know where i can find. But I am interested to make this! By the way I will try again and again. Your article may be enough to make me able to make this kind of earrings. Thank you!

    Best regards
    Photographer at clipping path service

    1. I've updated the links with a new supplier Annie, so that should help you source the lucite flowers. If you're having difficulty making your own earring wire from the head pin, just use a purchased one instead. It takes practice to get perfect results so I'm glad to hear that you'll keep trying. Good luck!


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