Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bow Ties!

As I wrote earlier, we had a birthday bash to celebrate my son's 21st birthday - a wonderful milestone for both him and my husband and I as we see our eldest child move into adulthood. So, to the invitations......

Being rather short of time (his birthday falls at Christmas) I thought a visit to the newsagent to purchase some pre made invitations was the way to go but he had different ideas - he wanted something a little out of the ordinary that reflected his move into the adult world (having just graduated from University) and so I borrowed an invitation from Cristina Re . There are some great ideas on this website and beautiful papers as well.

There's nothing difficult about these invitations (a bonus considering this was Christmas); and yet they are sophisticated and elegant. But then there were the 60 bows......

So later today, I'll post instructions on the little trick I use to get the bow to sit "in line" with the ribbon.

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