Wednesday, April 2, 2008

In line bows

This post edited 3rd April 2008. I've replace the photos of the black ribbon with a bright orange/yellow ribbon - much easier to see the detail!

So, how do you get the tails of the bow to sit in a straight line with the bow instead of having the tails dangling down? Here's how I do it........

Follow the tutorial on how to use Bow-Easy up to Figure 9.
Hold the tail in your left hand and pull it up and over the loop. The tail is actually underneath the loop so with a little bit of manoeuvering, you will be able to get it to sit on top.

Now it should now be aligned with the bow loop.

Tighten the tail on the right hand side (as in Figure 12 of the tutorial) and then pull it in line with the loop. This is easier to do with the right loop than the left because it is already sitting on top.

And then the bow will sit in line with the ribbon!


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