Wednesday, April 16, 2008


In earlier posts, I mentioned my efforts to become better organised and so I thought I'd show you another storage item in my studio.

The Expedit bookcase comes in a range of sizes but I went for the 4 x 4 option, mainly because they were out of the 5 x 5 option when I was in store, and I was in desperate need of an organising solution for my cupboardless (is that a word?) studio. Anyway, it's worked out really well, especially as I'm vertically challenged and I wouldn't be able to reach the top row of shelves anyway!

But I hit a snag when putting this piece of furniture together.

The second last piece to be assembled needs to be hammered on dowels which sit at right angles to each other. It's not easy to hammer both down and sideways at the same time!! Anyway, as I wanted to protect the bookcase whilst I was hammering, I placed a cork mat over the surface and used a rubber mallet instead of the hammer. "How clever!" I thought to myself. But this is the result!!!


Thank goodness we felt it give before we did too much damage.

It's not a support piece so it hasn't affected the stability of the bookshelf but it's not a really good look. Luckily it's near the bottom, where it can be hidden.

Ikea were really good about it and offered to replace the damaged piece (after all, the instructions do tell you to use a hammer!), but I opted for a credit towards a future purchase. I will probably buy another Expedit bookshelf sometime in the future....... but I think I'll leave it to one of their experts to assemble it!

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  1. I love that bookcase! I had one when I was in Toronto!!! JUST LOVE IT, saw them at Ikea and was reminiscing on how much I loved it, they were perfect for the records I had to store in them.
    You lucky lucky girl!!! :) I love all your new toys!!

  2. It really is a fabulous unit, and I love that you can access it from the front and the back..... it makes a great room divider!


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