Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Whilst I was at Stamp Antics this week Jenny showed me a snazzy new card stock called Core 'dinations. What a great idea......... 2-sided card stock with a coloured core!

After a quick explanation on the effects you can get by distressing the surface, I left the store with a few sheets to play with.

So, what makes this card stock so different?
Well, you can do all the usual things you do with regular card stock, but if you sand or tear it, you'll reveal the core colour. What I really like about it though is that it takes the guess work out of colour coordination because the core colour is a lighter shade of the main colour.

I didn't have much time for playing when I got home but I couldn't wait until I did, so I just ripped right into it - neat effect. These are a couple of sheets from the Black Magic Collection.
The front of each sheet in this collection is black with the back being the same colour as the core (the photo shows the back of the card stock). You can almost make out the black edges (the front) if you look carefully. Tearing is the easiest way to reveal the core colour and you can more or less control the tear to get either a narrow or a wide strip of core colour - too easy!
And look at the lovely linen texture.....
I'll play with this some more tomorrow and post a finished card or two.

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