Monday, January 18, 2010

CHA Global Display - inspired by Paua Shell

With all the mad, last minute preparations for CHA I have been spending all of my time in the studio these past few weeks. It hasn't left much time for anything else including my blog and I feel I've neglected you so today I want to share a little sneak peek of one of the projects I've been working on.

The Global Display at CHA is a display being put together by 30 designers, each one creating their own individual piece inspired by the arts and crafts of the country they have been assigned. I've created a project inspired by the colours of the paua shell - a gorgeous green and blue shell found in the cooler waters of New Zealand. It is prized for both its flesh which makes good eating and its shell which was traditionally used as adornments in the Maori culture.

Whilst I can't share the actual project with you, I thought you'd enjoy a small glimpse of the piece which is a bit of a step outside of the box for me. I've used materials that you probably have amongst your own craft supplies, but I've used them in a way that a papercrafter wouldn't usually use them. The finished piece includes fibres, ribbon, fabric, jute, paua shell beads, Fantasy Film and my own faux version of paua shell, which you can see below. And whilst my paua shell tile is obviously fake, the iridescence of the Fantasy Film lends itself well to mimic the colours of the real thing. The finished piece includes some weaving, some sewing, some paper crafting, and even some bead stringing - quite a mixed media piece - but most of all my piece is inspired by the Paua Shell.

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