Sunday, January 31, 2010

Diy Bangle Challenge

I've been a bangle enthusiast ever since I began working with resin but it hasn't stopped with resin. Diy Bangles introduced their range of unfinished wooden bangles at CHA a couple of years back and they have been immensely popular. You see these wonderfully smooth bangles being used in Make and Takes at many booths at CHA. They always prove to be a real draw card.

Having taught resin bangle workshops for some time I often come across crafters who have difficulty manipulating their knuckles to slide them through a standard size bangle. And I'm pleased to say that Diy Bangles listened to my request for an oval shaped bangle and it will soon be in production.

So this week is bangle week at Mill Lane Studio blog. I have been given an assignment to create several designs using the oval shaped bangle. What fun! The challenge is to create a bangle a day, one of which will be the design used on the packaging. So let's get started.

The first bangle is coloured with Lumiere paints. I just can't go past Lumiere paints for their shimmering pearlescence. With limited supplies on hand at CHA I didn't have colour choices and had to use what I had on hand. So this one has been given two coats of Halo Blue Gold.
It dried really quickly despite the weather in Anaheim being a little on the cool side and it was ready for the next step in about 20 minutes. Just make sure the paint has completely dried before moving on.

Next I added some white rub-on Doodles from DCWV. This set is called Fashion and apart from all the fashion accessories on the sheet it also has a good selection of borders which were perfect for a nice all over pattern. Here I've used the paisley border around the middle and the scallop along the edges.I ran out of the scallop border for the back section of the bangle and the challenge was to only use what I had on hand so I added some crystal accents to add a little more interest. There are a few more on the heart motif on the front of the bangle too but if I'd had more crystals I would have dotted them on the scallop too. Just can't get enough of that bling!
It's a simple bangle but the white on blue/green is a nice contrast. The clear crystals were just the perfect accent to finish off the bangle.

Tomorrow, I'll be working with glitter. And this bangle promises to be really sparkly. Check back to see how it turns out.

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