Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Friendly Plastic and Resin Jewellery

I've spent a good deal of my studio time in the last few weeks creating pieces for CHA so I'm pleased to also get a few class samples completed. Here's a couple of pieces which will be the subject of my first Friendly Plastic class for the year. How delicate the dandelions look on the silver piece above - they add just enough interest without overpowering the Friendly Plastic underneath. These pieces are protected with a resin coating making them very durable so as a bonus you'll also get a mini resin tutorial in this class.
I love combining unusual colours together and this second sample is a good example of how contrasting colours work together. The copper packs a real punch when it's combined with shades of blue and green. This piece also has a second unexpected colour combination in the silver patterned overlay and the copper bezel. Combining different coloured metals is always interesting.

If you're interested in learning how to create these pieces take a look at my current class schedule for further details and give Stamp Antics a call to make a booking.

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  1. hi mylene ...i linked your works on my blog...come to see!!!

  2. Thanks for the feature Felicity Rose. I've just stopped by to have a look at your blog. You've highlighted some lovely pieces of jewellery. And I love your felted Valentine's keyring.... such a sweet idea!


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