Monday, January 18, 2010

Twisteez - fun for all ages

Here's a fun little craft product that's suitable for adults and kids alike. It's called Twisteez Sculpture wire... And I love their catchcry - "a million doodles with Twisteez wire!"

Twisteez is a pliable, plastic-coated copper wire and when they say pliable, they mean it. You can use it over and over again and the kinks can be easily smoothed out with your fingers. 

So if you make a mistake in your design, no worries - just rework the bit you're not happy with. Because it's so pliable you can bend it, make coils, twist it, braid it and even weave it.

So here's what I created with it: a swirl pendant which I've matched to a fuchsia coloured aluminium chain. It's really lightweight... just like the Twisteez spirals so you'll hardly know you're wearing it!
Pink and purple spiral wire pendant on a purple aluminium chain.The second piece is actually a stack of three bracelets. Each of the coloured Twisteez is a bracelet in itself. But when you combine all three, you have triple the colour and triple the fun. Each set of swirls is interlocking so no clasp is needed.
Pink and Purple interlocking spiral bracelet stack.And for papercrafters, I can see more possibilities for this product. Being light weight, Twisteez embellishments could easily be added to a card front or you could also create letters and words for a scrapbook page title.

Twisteez comes in a rainbow assortment of colours that it can easily be cut with scissors. With a non toxic plastic coating, Twisteez is a great product for children to craft with.

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  1. Those Twisteez look fun. Are they available here in Australia? I love what you did with them.

  2. Thanks Davinia. I would think that school suppliers here in Oz would be a good bet but failing that, you can purchase from their online shop:
    They accept major credit cards and Paypal.


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