Tuesday, February 16, 2010

All that Glitters..... Give Away

I normally reserve glitter for Christmas crafting, feeling that the sparkly metallic colours were a bit out of place during the rest of the year. But after having the chance to work with some of the Art Institute Glitters recently my eyes saw glitter in a whole new light. You see, Art Institute Glitter comes in an enormous range of opaque and transparent colours too - glitters that sparkle but don't look out of place the rest of the year!

Just recently I shared several wooden bangles that I had decorated with glitter and each one looks totally different to the next and I think that up until then I'd been stuck in the "glitter is only for Christmas" mode of thinking. But with an entire range of non-tinsel colours and effects to choose from I realised how very versatile it is - glitter belongs in our day to day world and the world should be just a little bit more sparkly!

That's how Barbara Trombley sees it too. Barbara is the author of Glitter Artistry, a book dedicated to spreading the word about glitter - in particular, Art Institute Glitter.

It seems that Barbara has been using glitter forever.... long before it became popular in papercrafting. She loves glitter so much that she launched her own line of glitter products from micro fine glitters right through to glass shards. In Glitter Artistry she highlights how to use each of the products and has designed a variety of projects using them. For the fun of it, I've taken her lace technique and put my own spin on it using Art Institute Glitter, Krafty Lady Art Moulds (AM167 Tassel, AM200 Oval Frame) and a cameo button from Blumenthal Lansing.
Glitter Artistry also suggests the best adhesives and tools to use and then moves into the techniques used for the featured projects in the book.

Courtesy of the fine folks at Lark/Chapelle publishers I have a copy of Glitter Artistry to give away. If you would like to see the world the way that Barbara sees it, leave your comment at the bottom of this post for your chance to win a copy of her book. I will randomly draw a winner on Tuesday night, 23rd Feb. The draw is open to both Australian and international readers and I will pick up the cost of posting the book to you. Don't forget to leave me your contact details so I can contact you if you win.

Let's sparkle...... and spread a little glitter around the world!

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  1. That would be a wonderful prize to win. The world is definitely in need of more sparkle.

  2. You are so generous Mylene. What a wonderful gift. My life could do with a bit of sparkle at the moment.

  3. I thought sparkle was only reserved for Chrissie - how nice it is to see sparkle on other items!

  4. Mylene, I would love to learn how to use glitter on non Christmas items. Thanks.

  5. hi Mylene, What a great idea to sparkle on, Love what you have done and would love to explore glitter further. Let the light shine on and sparkle all year long.

  6. Hi Mylene,

    I'd love to be entered in the draw for this book, it sounds great. Thanks for the chance.

    Rob K

  7. What a fabulous prize! Wonder if I could make anything of mine look as good as yours though, lol
    cheers, Rhonda

  8. Wonderful giveaway! I'll put a link up on our Facebook wall. Hope you get a lot of traffic!


  9. I love glitter, esp Art Glitter. It's such a versatile and wonderful product. The only downside? My husband accuses me of having a secret job as a stripper when I emerge all sparkly from my crafting!

  10. oh my. I LOVE glitter. That is fabulous.

  11. Fabulous, bring on the bling, a little sparkle in one's life always lights the way to inspiration I think!

  12. Thank you for a chance at the beautiful blog candy. Please drop my name in the hat.

  13. Thank you all for stopping by my blog and leaving your sparkly comments. The winner who is Rob K (comment number 6). Robyn, send me your postal address and I'll have your copy of Glitter Artistry on its way to you.


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