Friday, February 5, 2010

Bangle No. 6 - On the Boardwalk

Today I'm going in a completely different direction to the bangles that I've created so far in this challenge. Courtesy of Graphic 45, I have papers to work with. I have always enjoyed the soft, aged appearance of their paper imagery and whilst it's not a style I use a lot, I can appreciate the romance of a more gentle, bygone era. I think that's what draws a lot of people to this style.

I'll be working with one of their new releases, On the Boardwalk. This 12 x 12 paper pad has 22 double sided papers in 12 different designs including 2 sheets of pre scored tags and borders.I've selected a stripe,a bottle cap as my feature, and a couple of smaller motifs from a border.So let's get started.

Cut a square from the striped sheet and the bottle cap image leaving a small border.
Layer them together using a glue stick with the stripes running vertically.Apply a small circle of Diamond Glaze to the centre of the back of a glass pebble. This one is from ecoGreen Crafts.
Then attach the layered image, pressing out any air bubbles. Leave it to dry and trim away the excess.Paint the inside and the top and bottom of the oval bangle with black acrylic paint. Set it aside until later.For the next step I've cut the name of the collection (On the boardwalk) from the front cover of the paper pad. Remember how I'm only allowed to use the materials I have on hand? Well the title is just the perfect size for this project so I'm making use of it! Punch out the individual letters using a small circle punch.These glass pebbles are from ecoGreen Crafts. They are just 8mm across and made from recycled glass - great for the eco conscious crafter.Attach them to the letters by placing a dot of Diamond Glaze on the pebble and pressing the letters in place. My letters are slightly larger than the pebbles but I didn't trim them. Cut a piece of the striped paper the width and length of the bangle's outer circumference and use white craft glue to adhere it.Work out the placement of the letters around the bangle and attach them with Diamond Glaze. I've placed them around the back and sides of the bangle.

I also had two medium sized glass pebbles on hand and I've attached a bathing beauty image from one of the papers to each one. Once they dried, I trimmed away the excess and placed them on either side of the larger pebble on the front of the bangle. And finally, to add some interest to the top and bottom of the bangle I've drawn in some uneven stripes using a Sakura Stardust Clear pen. I love this pen because it works well on both light and dark surfaces and on the black paint it takes on a more golden tone so that it matches really well with the striped patterned paper.Today my thanks go to Graphic 45 for the great paper pad - it has been a pleasure to work with these papers; to Sakura for the Stardust Pen which is one of my recommendations for your basic kit; and to ecoGreen Crafts for the glass pebbles used in the project.

Tomorrow will be the last in this Diy Bangle challenge as I've run out of oval shaped bangles. Check back to see what else I can come up with from the materials I have in my hotel room.

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