Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Vintage Buttons?!!

After the wonderful transformation of the rather ordinary-looking cameo that I found in my box of resin casts on Sunday, I decided that I should see what else is hiding in that container. I'm sure there are some other treasures to be found in there if I dig deep enough. I have so many to select from - literally hundreds - and the box weighs over a kilo. That's a lot of potential!

So dig I did!

And what I noticed was all the button shapes I've cast over the years. They had never caught my attention before. I certainly hadn't realised that I'd cast SO many of them - there were blues, greens, pinks, corals, fluoro pink, creams, bright yellows, and glittery ones too. But this pile here caught my eye - colours which had a bit of a vintage look about them. I remembered having some lovely lucite flower beads in a similar tone in my stash. So that was my starting point. I picked out a nice mix of buttons in different colours and shapes and glued them onto the pads of a bracelet blank and then I went about creating the dangles which are attached to each link of the bracelet.Amongst the lucite flower beads you can see a sprinkling of cream potato pearls, cherry quartz, aventurine and olive AB crystals - such soft, feminine colours with a decidedly vintage feel.

I had no idea this piece was lying waiting for me to find in my box of resin casts. I think I should keep digging to see what else I find!

Oh, and if you're wondering what mould I've used, it's called 8 Up from Krafty Lady.

So perhaps I'd better get back to the digging!

Happy crafting!

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  1. Oh Mylene...I am extremely jealous of your diggings!!! What lovely finds!!! Yes more digging is in order!

  2. I am having so much fun turning these pieces into little treasures. Who knows what else is hiding in the depths of this box!


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