Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Mini Resin Exhibition at GoMA

I was so excited when I walked into GoMA yesterday and this is what I spotted: a wall of resin platters by a little Aussie design company that you might have heard of: Dinosaur Designs. It was an absolute privilege to see these extraordinary pieces up close and personal.
Well I'm not sure if you'd call them platters because they stand well over a metre high. See that guy on the far right of the picture? He gives you a better idea of just how big these platters are.

Here's a couple of closer shots.
This one is my favourite because it reminds me of a resin pendant I made a couple of years back.
But it's not until you flip the pendant over that you see the similarities: the colours; the blending, and the swirl effect. It's striking, isn't it?
And yet, the two pieces are coloured using entirely different techniques: the colour in the platter is embedded in the resin whereas the colour in the pendant is a surface application. Still both results are stunning.

If you're a resin enthusiast and you happen to be in Brisbane any time this year, check out GoMA and the wonderful platters created by Dinosaur Designs. You will be pretty impressed.

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