Saturday, January 21, 2012

More About Inkjet Shrink Plastic

At 2.30am this morning as I was attaching the last of my shrink plastic charms I discovered a couple of the tags didn't have holes: one was only partially punched and the other missed getting punched altogether! Oh, dear, I desperately need to get to bed but not before I solve this problem.

Given that I had already wasted 2 sheets of this film from my pack of 6 sheets, there was none left to print off more so I really needed to use those last two tags. There was only one thing for it: drill the holes and hope that the plastic didn't shatter.

I decided to start on the one with the partial hole hoping that it would be less likely to crack. And to my relief, my little battery operated drill easily and cleanly drilled a 1mm hole without any damage to the tag at all.

Next I lined up the hole-less tag and drilled straight through that one as well. Success!

So all is not lost if you forget to punch the holes before you shrink, or even if you decide afterwards to add more charms to your "charm": just grab a drill and carefully drill the hole where you want it.

'Til next time.....

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