Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bring on the Chain

This week I have challenged myself with the task of creating a necklace to wear with the dress I plan to wear at Easter. It's a great dress; comfortable and casual but full of colour, some of which I don't usually wear. And consequently, I don't have anything in my jewellery box to wear with it. The colour is so full on that I've had difficulty designing something to wear with it and so far I've created six pieces that I thought might work but alas, not one of them does! So far I've tried the shell pendant (strung on a beaded herringbone rope), paper beads with frangipanis, woven leather lace, brown Kashmiri beads with chain, a turquoise lariat in St Petersburg stitch and most recently, wooden beads and nuts with chocolate metal. I love each and every one of these pieces but just not with THAT dress!

So a complete change in direction is needed. Today I've brought out the chain.
I'm thinking something big and bold so that it can tame all that colour and pattern.
Surprisingly, this piece has come together very quickly. It consists of lots of layers of bold chain that drape at different lengths.
I've never thought of myself as superstitious but perhaps necklace number 7 will be the lucky one. I'll be back tomorrow with the verdict.

'Til next time.....

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