Thursday, May 10, 2012

Gardening Extra

Around Easter time, I put a call out to my Facebook and Yahoo friends to save me their Easter Egg foils and they didn't disappoint. I now have a wonderful selection of different coloured foils for a project I'm working on that is inspired by memories of my Grandmother's kitchen. The project is well underway but it's under wraps so no sharing at this stage. Don't all the foils look so pretty sorted into this chocolate tray?
With the glorious autumn weather we're experiencing in Brisbane at the moment crafting is only for night time. We're taking full advantage of the warm days to get some outside projects completed before the cool weather arrives.

First project - assembly of a raised garden bed. These are super easy to put together but just a bit on the fiddly side with all the wing nuts which have to be screwed in. But it's strong and sturdy.

DH got to do all the heavy duty stuff like filling it with soil and I got to do all the fun stuff like buying the seedlings and planting it out. Gotta love that!

DH was really on a roll. He also built a sleeper garden bed along the fence with materials we had left over from our last landscaping project. We'll plant it out with sweet peas in the next few days and it will hopefully provide us with lots of fragrance and beautiful blooms in Spring.

I love the new lantern which sits outside the studio window - another job that DH did for me.

Eventually this will be a little oasis filled with tropical plants. But at the moment, the plants are below window sill level and all you see from the work bench is a fence..... And a lovely cane lantern!

More sunshine is predicted tomorrow so crafting will take a back seat again but I'll share something crafty again soon.

'Til next time.....

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