Monday, May 14, 2012

The Purple Backdrop

I'm continuing to work on the decorations for the dinner party in June but I've run into another little challenge with my decorating plans. To add some atmosphere to the dining room I am planning to add a backdrop of organza fabric to my windows which are covered by very stylish shutters. I like the clean lines of the shutters for everyday but for the party I want something with more colour. So the plan is to wrap lights around the slats of the shutters and then drape the fabric over the top of the shutters so that it is dotted with little bud lights. It should look very pretty.

So here's the fabric I've chosen - a curtain (Sarita) from Ikea - a bargain at just $15/pair (in the US, just $7/pair).
SARITA Pair of curtains IKEA Thin, sheer curtain; lets in daylight. Easily hemmed to desired length with the enclosed iron-on hemming strip.

I adore this colour and of course it works perfectly with the theme.... but unfortunately, that's not the colour that they actually are. Here's what they look like in daylight.

And at night, they look more like this (without the daylight streaming through, of course!). A sort of chocolatey brown colour.... not the look I wanted at all.

But as I've already opened the packaging to find this out, I have to find a way to make this work. So once again, I'll be reaching for my Piñata inks to change the colour of the LEDs.

Here's how the curtain looks with the white LEDs.

Now lets take another look after they are coloured with Passion Purple Piñata ink.

It's difficult to see with the daylight streaming through the shutters but it is much better!

So, once again my craft supplies are coming to the fore. They are really keeping me on budget!

There will be more decorating ideas to come soon. Hope you'll check back to see what else I come up with.

'Til next time.....

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