Monday, December 9, 2013

How to Make Christmas Tree Earrings Using a Triangle Bead

December is just flying past! Have you got your Christmas tree up and decorated yet? In our household we try to get it up on the first weekend in December so it's been up for a week now and we love turning on the lights each night.

Speaking of Christmas trees, today I've got a pair of stylised Christmas tree earrings for you using chain and an electroplated asymmetrical triangular glass bead. I found these beads at my local bead store (Beads 'n Crystals) but a Google image search brought up lots of suppliers on etsy, folksy and ebay.

Firstly, gather all the materials:

On an eye pin, string a silver spacer bead, three bicones, an eye pin, three bicones and a silver spacer bead.

Turn a simple loop on the end. This is the base of the Christmas tree.

On the eye pin in the middle, string a bicone, a triangular bead and two more bicones.

Cut the chain into two equal pieces. Find the centre of one and thread that link onto the eye pin. Notice I cut my chain so that the link pattern was identical on each side of the centre. It's up to you if you want to do that or not.

Turn a simple loop just above the chain.

Open the last link on one side of the chain.....

and hook it onto one of the eye loops of the Christmas tree base, trying not to get a twist in it. Repeat with the other end of the chain.

String the star bead on an eye pin and turn a simple loop. Open the eye pin loop at the top of the Christmas tree and hook on the star bead. Thread the other loop of the star onto the earring wire and close it.

Make a second earring to match and you're all decked out and ready to wear your stylised Christmas tree earrings.

For more Christmas Tree earring ideas, check out the Christmas Tree Earrings Collection ebook. It's a special collection of earrings all about the Christmas Tree. 

There are filigree trees, sparkling leather and crystal trees, trees made of wire, trees made with chain, snow globe trees and more! There are so many different designs but all focussing on the Christmas tree.

Download immediately after purchase and get started on your holiday earrings today!

'Til next time.....

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