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DIY Christmas Earrings - Make Your Own Star of Bethlehem Earrings

When the Three Wise Men looked up into the night sky, it is said they saw a star - the Bethlehem Star - which guided them to where the new born King lay in the manger. And it is that star which is the inspiration for these earrings called "The Star of Bethlehem".
Star of Bethlehem Earrings featuring a white star with strands of curved white beading wire with a red oval crystal on each tip.

Here's what you'll need to make these earrings:
Beads and findings required to make Star of Bethlehem Earrings
Gather one of each length of the beading wires in a bundle and place the #4 crimp tube on one end. 
All the strands of beading wire inserted into a crimp tube

Form the wires into a loop and insert the tails into the crimp. They should extend beyond the crimp by about 6mm (1/4"). Push the crimp tube up towards the end of the loop to make it smaller (approximately 6mm - 1/4").
End of the beading wires looped back through the crimp tube

Place the crimp into the notched hole of the Mighty Crimping tool and firmly press to secure all the wires. It will now have a channel down the centre with a "wing" on either side. Remove the crimp and place it into the round hole at the top of the pliers (with the channel facing sideways) and crimp it to compress the two wings together.
Using crimping pliers to crimp the crimp tube over all the beading wires

Trim away the excess wires close to the bottom of the crimp tube so that you only have the five longer wires left.
Using flush cutters to trim away excess beading wire right up to the crimp tube

String the star bead (point first) onto the five wires and slide it up to the crimp. At this point, you'll want to organise the five wires into graduating lengths. If one is curling the wrong way, you can run the wire through nylon jaw pliers until you get it to face in the direction you want it to.
Beading wires with loop, strung with a frosted white star bead

String a red oval, a pearl seed bead and a #1 crimp onto the longest wire.
Stringing each beading wire with a red oval faceted bead, a pearl white seed bead and a #1 crimp tube

Crimp the crimp tube 5mm (1/4") from the end. Repeat on the other 4 tails.
Using the crimping pliers to crimp the #1 crimp tube close to the end of a beading wire

Trim away the excess wire on each tail just below the crimp.
Using flush cutters to trim the wire flush with the crimp tube

Thread the tiger tail loop onto the earring wire and then make a second earring to match. When you attach the second earring to the earring wire, it's up to you whether you face the comet tail in the same direction as the first earring or not.

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Star of Bethlehem Christmas Earrings inspiration sheet.

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