Friday, March 23, 2018

DIY Resin Jewelled Mirror

When you think of EasyCast resin, you normally think of it as a casting resin. But in this jewelled mirror project, I'm going to show you how EasyCast can also be used as coating resin, making it a very versatile epoxy. The mirror will make the resin bubbles glow like jewels thanks to the reflective surface.

Will Resin Stick to a Mirror?

That's a really good question. When resin is applied to mirror or glass surfaces, there's a possibility that the resin could be peeled off once cured. But if the mirror is a decorative piece like this one and it's not likely to be handled, the resin should stay put. If you are concerned, you can scuff up the surface of the mirror so that it has some tooth for the resin to adhere to. Just take care to only scuff the areas you'll be applying resin to.
Resin jewelled mirror displayed with an assortment of Friendly Plastic mosaic pens


Here's a shopping list of what you'll need to make this project:

EasyCast epoxy resin
Castin'Craft Transparent Dyes: Red, Green, Blue and Amber
White Gutta or Lining Paint - like this (used in silk painting)
Ikea Lots 30cm square mirror 4 pack
Graduated plastic measuring cups
Wooden Stir sticks
Gas BBQ torch
Nitrile Gloves

Create the Bubble Outlines

Before you start, make sure your mirror surface is clean. Use methylated spirits or rubbing alcohol to clean off any finger marks, dust or streaks or dust.

Draw a group of circles of varying sizes in the top corner of the mirror with the Gutta. Make sure that each outline is perfectly closed and completely touching the mirror's surface all the way around so that the resin can't leak out. Repeat in the opposite corner. Leave the gutta to completely dry before continuing.
Draw circles with the Gutta in the corner of the mirror.

Once you start working with the resin, put on the gloves. Mix a small batch of EasyCast, following the instructions included in the resin kit carefully.
Mix a small batch of epoxy resin.

Divide the resin into four cups and colour each one a different colour with the transparent resin dyes.
Cups of resin coloured green, amber, blue and red

Carefully drip a different coloured resin into each circle.
Resin being dripped into gutta circles

Try not to have two circles of the same colour next to each other.
Filling the gutta circles with different coloured resins

Once all the circles are filled, pass the flame briefly across the resin to pop any bubbles. Make sure you keep the flame moving at all times.
Popping bubbles by passing a flame across the resin.

Leave the mirror to cure for 24 hours before moving it. Then place it in a stand or attach to the wall and admire it.

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Collage image of resin-jewelled mirror on stand with a collection of colourful pens

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