Thursday, August 23, 2018

Jewellery Know How - How to Make a Wrapped Loop

For a neat and secure way of linking components together, the wrapped loop will give your handmade jewellery a professional finish. Wrapped loops are especially useful when using heavier beads such as lampwork beads. For a more organic look or homespun feel, you can make the wraps a little messy to add some visual interest.
A rainbow of wire bird's nests bracelets with secure wire wrapped loops.

You'll need the following tools:
flat nose pliers
round nose pliers
flush cutters
crimping tool or chain nose pliers

Cut a piece of wire measuring 7.5cm (3"). Grip the wire with flat nose pliers at the 3cm (1 1/4") mark.
Gripping the wire at the 1 1/4" mark with flat nose pliers

Bend the wire at a 90° angle.
Bending the wire at a 90° angle with flat nose pliers

Remove the flat nose pliers and place round nose pliers in the neck of the bend. Grip the tail of the wire with your fingers and wrap it around the top jaw of the pliers to form a loop.
Wrapping the wire around the jaws of the round nose pliers

Keep wrapping the wire around the jaws until the loop is complete. The wire should now cross in front of the neck and sit perpendicular to it.
Crossing the wire across the neck of the loop to complete it

Remove the round nose pliers and hold the loop in the jaws of the flat nose pliers. Using your fingers, wrap the tail neatly around the neck of the wire two or three times. If you find it too difficult with your fingers, use a pair of chain nose pliers.
Wrapping the wire around the neck of the loop neatly

Trim  the tail away as close to the neck as you can.
Trimming away the excess wire as close to the neck as possible

Place the wrapped neck in the top hole of the crimping pliers and gently press the cut edge of the wire against the neck. Chain nose pliers can be used to do this but crimping pliers will round the cut wire better.
Using a crimping tool to press the cut wire tail into the neck

The finished wrapped loop should look something like this.
The completed wire wrapped loop

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How to master the wrapped loop inspiration sheet.

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  1. What size of wire gauge do I use? Thank you

    1. You can use any wire to make wire wrapped loops. Choose one that is close to the hole size of your beads if you can. Practice on copper wire because it's soft and easy to manipulate when you're learning how to make the loops.


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