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Resin Space Invaders Coaster

The Perfect Handmade Gift for the Geek in Your Life

Remember that iconic 70s and 80s arcade game, Space Invaders? For those of us old enough to remember, this project is a fun throwback to your teenage years. This resin Space Invaders coaster would make a great gift for the geeky person on your gift list.

This project is a variation of the Tetris coaster tutorial at Resin Obsession
Space Invaders Resin coaster with green alien on black background

Supply list 
Work out the volume of your mould by filling it with rice and tipping it into a measuring cup.

Mix enough resin to two thirds fill the mould. Mix it well and then divide it between two cups. Colour one green and the other black. Pour the black resin into the bottom of the coaster mould and set it aside to cure.
Pouring black resin into the base of the square silicone coaster mould.

Spoon the green resin into the trivet in the shape of a Space Invader. See the bottom of this post for some pixelated alien characters

Make sure the Space Invader will fit inside your coaster mould. My mould can fit a maximum of 11 pixels from this trivet. Check how many squares from your trivet will fit inside your mould. 

Use the toothpick to push the resin into every corner of the pixels, pop the bubbles and set the resin aside to cure. 
Pouring bright green resin into the squares of the silicone trivet in the shape of a space invader

Place packing tape across the back of the Space Invader and peel the Space Invader out of the trivet. 
Applying packing tape across the back of the cured resin space invader and peeling it out from the trivet

Trim the tape close to the resin. The unattached pixels can be repositioned when you place the Space Invader into the mould. 
Trimming away the packing tape close to the space invader with scissors.

Mix enough resin to fill the mould. Pour a thin layer on the black and place the Space Invader on top. Top up the mould and then tease out any bubbles. Leave the resin to cure.

Gently peel away the silicone from the resin and pull the coaster out. 
Peeling the resin coaster out of the silicone mould.

And your new coaster is ready to use!

If you prefer to cast a square of resin pixels rather than the shape of the alien, then follow these steps instead:

Pour the resin in a square or rectangular shape. Make sure you fill enough pixels for the width and height of the alien.
Bright pink resin poured in the shape of a square on a pixel trivet

Once the resin is cured, use scissors or a craft knife to cut the alien to shape. You will need to cut some individual pixels too, as not all the pieces will stay attached.
Square of pink pixels being trimmed with a craft knife to the shape of a space invader

Measure, mix and pour the black resin into the coaster mould as before. Allow it to cure, then place the alien into a thin layer of clear resin. Position individual pixels as needed to complete the alien.
Using a needle tool to position the individual pixels for the legs of the jellyfish space invader

Once the resin has gelled, you can top up the mould with clear resin.
Hand holding the finished bright pink and black jellyfish space invader resin coaster

Here are some other pixelated alien characters you might like to try. Use them for any pixel-based crafts such as Perler beads, knitting/crocheting, cross-stitch, diamond painting or plastic canvas crafts. Click here to download them.
Graph paper printed with colourful pixelated Space Invaders aliens

And here's how they turned out:
Set of 4 square resin space invaders coasters with pink, green, blue and yellow pixelated aliens on a black background

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DIY Space invaders resin coaster inspiration sheet

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Happy Resining!

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