Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Easy DIY Earrings - How to Make Them with Nothing but Daisy Spacers

Today I'm sharing an earring project from my book Fabulous Jewelry from Findings

If you haven't heard about this book, then you're in for a surprise. There's something very unique about the jewellery designs in the book... there's not a single bead in it!
Fabulous Jewelry from Findings book cover

Every piece of jewellery is made solely from jewellery findings and to show you how versatile findings are, this earrings project is made entirely of daisy spacers!

Olive shaped silver earrings made with stacked daisy spacers

Pretty cool, huh!

If you're not familiar with daisy spacers, they're usually placed between beads to space them out and accent the bead. They add a nice metallic element to your jewellery design. Some daisy spacers are called snowflake spacers.

They come in a vast array of sizes and they interlock nicely within each other so you can stack them together in different ways to create interesting bead-like shapes, like these "Shadows" earrings.

The finished length of these earrings is 1½" (4cm), so they're not too large or heavy to wear.

Or get an assortment of daisy spacers like this.

TOOLS: chain-nose pliers, round-nose pliers, flush cutters

How to Make Easy Daisy Spacer Earrings

String three 3mm, one 4mm, and one 5mm bright silver daisy spacers onto a headpin. Then string on one 5.5mm, one 6mm, and three 7mm silver snowflakes. The second 7mm snowflake is the centre point of the earring.
A stack of silver daisy spacers in graduating sizes strung on a head pin.

String the second half of the earring in reverse to match the first half.

Push all the spacers firmly together so that each one nestles into the one next to it. 

Then, create a wrapped loop after the last daisy spacer. See how to do that here. A wrapped loop is better than a simple loop in this situation because it keeps the small 3mm spacers from creeping up the headpin and onto the loop.

Slip the loop onto the earring wire and close the hook.
Attaching the daisy spacer component onto the earring wire.

How EASY was that?!!

Now, make a second earring to match and show them off to the world!

If you'd like to see more clever and inspiring ways to create jewellery using nothing but jewellery findings, take a look at Fabulous Jewelry from Findings. You'll find it on Amazon or you can purchase a signed copy here.

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DIY daisy spacer earrings inspiration sheet.

Happy Jewellery Making!

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