Friday, October 9, 2009

Fave Crafts Friendly Plastic projects

For all you Friendly Plastic fans out there here's a couple of techniques you might like to try. has just uploaded these projects to their extensive craft library along with full instructions.

The first card, called Three Kings, involves casting Friendly Plastic into Krafty Lady Art Moulds. Friendly Plastic and Krafty Lady Art Moulds are a match made in heaven. The flexible silicone makes demoulding a breeze. Look at the fantastic detail the Friendly Plastic has picked up. The second card, Unique Florals, combines the marbling technique with cookie cutters to create the interesting floral embellishments. This card uses both the marbling comb and a needle tool to blend and marble.Click on the card names to take you directly to Fave Crafts website where you can print out the images and instructions.

I'll also be a guest blogger on the Fave Crafts blog in the coming weeks sharing a little about my work with Friendly Plastic so stay tuned for an update.

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