Wednesday, October 28, 2009

RESIN-ate..... More resin treats

It's eye candy day again today. Resin is such an addictive medium... I tell you, once you start playing with it, you just don't want to stop. And as I promised yesterday, here are a couple of resin necklaces strung with a mixture of glass and lucite beads.

I love this seahorse - I've used it in many projects before but never as a piece of jewellery. I cast it some time ago but somehow I never found the time to make it up. It's a fairly large piece (about 7cm) and it's actually black resin coloured with Duo Blue Green Pearl Ex and it has a very subtle sparkliness (is that a word?) about it. I've teamed it up with these gorgeous lucite leaves which remind me of seaweed! This one is an interesting piece! It started out as a heart with rococco texture impressed into it..... very nice, but hard to see in the photo. With a little bit of creative trimming I was able to carve out a niche to sit the glass flower bead into. It's finished off with a Swarovski crystal as an added accent. That's it for today. But for all you Aussies out there don't forget I have a surprise for you which is coming up in just a few days time. Shhhh, can you keep a secret - I'll give you a hint.... it's a giveaway. But you'll have to keep tuning in to find out what it is. I promise, you'll love it!

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