Friday, October 23, 2009

Mill Lane Studio...... unpacked!

Following on from the photo of my new kitchen splashback, I thought I'd also invite you into my new studio.

It's just bare bones at the moment....... a nice big, open space with a bank of overhead cupboards, a bunch of underbench cupboards and a bench that is some 6 metres long which includes a computer work station. I'm one very lucky girl!
As you can see, I have an abundance of light - the lovely big picture window is more than 3 metres wide. The drawback is that it's on the western side of the studio, so come summer, OUCH! it will be hot, but that's a small price to pay for the daylight I'll have to work in.

You can now see I've begun to move into the studio and this is the first lot of some 30 cartons which are now piled into the centre of the room. The furniture is still to come but now that I've begun to unpack there is no bench space left to work on. Where did that 6 metres of bench space disappear to?

It's a slow process but stack by stack, the boxes are dwindling and items are finding their way to the general area they'll live in. And then, as I have time, I will organise each area so that I can find things which at the moment is not so easy to do. I don't even remember unpacking some things. Maybe the unpacking fairies go to work at night when the lights go out! OK, I know that's wishful thinking but it would be wonderful to have such helpers on hand!

Given time I will find places for everything (and hopefully I will find everything I packed!!), and that wonderful benchtop will be clear enough to become a work space again. But in the meantime, I'm weeding and sorting as I open the packing cartons. The "Must find new, loving home" pile is growing. I think I see a garage sale in the future!.

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  1. You are lucky to have such an amazing room for your studio. I'm very envious. Have fun setting it all up.


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