Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Resin Eye Candy

Two weeks have passed since the big move and I still have no internet connection. It's hard to blog and keep in touch with the virtual world without it, so forgive me dear reader that my blog posts have been few and far between of late. But, life without the internet goes on, and that means that between unpacking my new studio and cleaning the old one that there has been time for some creating.
I always enjoy playing with resin so today's offerings are bangles.
The first one is a marbled bangle, very loosely described as Tortoiseshell. It is quite transparent which the photo doesn't show and it's actually a light shade of orange but the black swirl is giving it more of an amber cast. It's buffed to a very nice shine!
The next one is turquoise - one of my favourite bangle colours. Don't the white tendrils look so crisp against the translucency of the turquoise? This one is called Turquoise Tendrils.
And the last one for today is fun and funky! A two-toned bangle where one half is sparkly lemon and the other is a lovely shade of apricot. It's called Bubbles.These will all be available for sale from the resin gallery on my website Mill Lane Studio as soon as I have internet connection again.

But in the meantime, I will have more resin eye candy to share later in the week - the next instalment will be necklaces.
Oh, and I have a wonderful surprise for all my Australian readers later in the week. So keep checking back.

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  1. Gorgeous bracelets. I'm tossing up whether to do a resin class here in Perth. Trying to save my pennies but I keep finding beautiful beads to buy.

  2. I hope you'll take the plunge - it's completely addictive but fun!


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