Sunday, October 11, 2009

How to use up all your cardstock - Part 2

Remember that photo of me holding up the different coloured sheets of 12 x 12 cardstock against my new kitchen wall a few weeks back? Well I thought you might like to see how that translated into a glass splashback.

After selecting the perfect colour from the cardstock (Bazzill Purple), we then had to colour match it to a regular paint colour and provide the glass manufacturer with the brand, name and code of the colour. Now this is where it got tricky because there are paint colours..... and then there are Bazzill colours. We had narrowed the choice down to about 5 shades and all of them were close...... very close. But none of them was quite right. It took more than a week of checking the paint chips in various lights until we eliminated them, one by one. And finally, we were left with just one - Dulux Jewel.

And here it is - the finished glass splashback. Now that's purple! .....and I love it!

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