Monday, December 12, 2011

Snowflakes and Icicles Earrings

Snowflake and icicle earrings

Today it's snowflakes and icicles..... brrrrrr!!!

But that couldn't be further from the truth here in Queensland. Snowflakes wouldn't last a minute here in our warm Summer weather. I love that we have Christmas in summer in Australia, but I have to confess that Hollywood has me completely sold on the romantic notion of a "White Christmas". So for those of you in the northern hemisphere who are already feeling the bite of winter, and those of us in the south who are just dreaming of a white Christmas, this one is for you!

Materials you'll need today:
2 x silver snowflake charms
Teardrop crystals 8mm x 6mm: 2 x AB clear ; 2 x aqua; 2 x light sapphire
6 x small silver adjustable bead caps
2 x 20mm twisted silver hollow tubes
2 x 30mm twisted silver hollow tubes
10 x ball head pins
6 x crystal rondelles
26 links Beadalon silver plated Dapped Small Cable chain 2.3mm
6 x 4mm silver jump rings
2 silver ball end earring wires

Thread one of each of the teardrop crystals onto a headpin. Place an adjustable bead cap around the base of each crystal and then cup it around the bead. Thread on a rondelle and then create a wrapped loop.

A wrapped loop containing a teardrop crystal topped with a crystal rondelle.

Remove 3 links and 10 links from the chain . Connect the 3 links to the turquoise crystal and the 10 link length to the AB crystal. You will need to open the links of the chain to do this, or you can add the chain to the wrapped loop before you wrap it.

Place the hollow tubes on head pins and turn a loop. Attach the components to the jump rings as follows: the light sapphire crystal and the 20mm hollow tube; aqua crystal and the 30mm hollow tube; and the AB crystal on the 10 link chain.
Three crystal teardrops and two hollow silver tubes dangle from a snowflake charm

Attach the jump rings to the open spaces of the snowflake.
Detail image of how the teardrop crystals and hollow tubes are attached to the silver snowflake charm.
Connect the top of the snowflake charm to the ball end earring wire and gently press it closed.

Make up the second earring in the same way and you're ready to wear your pristine Snowflake and Icicle earrings.

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