Thursday, December 8, 2011

Striped Lantern Earrings - Twelve Days and Counting - Day Four

After three days of silver earrings, I'm switching up to gold today.

I've always loved cane glass beads but for some reason, I don't use them a lot. So I'm going to change that today. I bought a cane glass mixture some time back but there's not many matching beads amongst them. It was a challenge to find two that were the same, especially in Christmassy colours. But I did - two flat cylinders with red, green and yellow stripes. Perfect!

But they are just 6mm high (1/4"). So to give them a bit more substance, I've built them up with bead caps and coordinating crystals.

Here's the materials to make the Christmas Lantern earrings:
2 x 6mm striped cane glass cylinder beads
4 x 6mm Siam bicone crystals
2 x 4mm Aurum Preciosa bicones
4 x gold filigree cup shaped bead caps
4 x gold star shaped bead caps
4 x gold small peaked bead caps
2 gold head pins
2 gold eye pins
2 interchangeable earring wires

Thread the gold bicone on the head pin and turn a loop. Attach it to the eye pin.

Thread on the three different bead caps starting with the smallest one.

Next add a Siam bicone crystal and the cane glass bead.

Add another Siam bicone and then the three bead caps in reverse order. It should look something like this:

Turn a loop, then slip the loop onto the earring wire and gently press it closed.
Now repeat for the second earring and you're ready to wear your gorgeous, almost glowing, Christmas Lantern earrings.

'Til next time.....

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