Monday, December 5, 2011

How to Make Magical Holiday Earrings in Minutes - Jingle All the Way

Right now, Bing Crosby’s “Merry Christmas” album is filling the air in my studio. Seriously, it’s my ultimate holiday jam! I’ve listened to it countless times, but the magic of Christmas hits me every single time. It's an oldie but a goodie.

So, inspired by this cheery music, I've whipped up these fab earrings I call “Jingle all the Way”.
Traditional red and green in the cutest little bells you've ever seen, combined with the sparkle of silver, makes these an instant hit in the holiday earrings stakes. And the bonus is that you'll have these made before you get to the end of your favourite Christmas album.

Christmas earrings made of silver tubes with coloured bells attached to the end dangling from a silver bow

Take a look at how quick and easy it is to put these holiday earrings together.

Materials needed for the jingle bell earrings:

Begin by opening an eye pin, hooking on the loop of one of the jingle bells and then closing the eye pin again so that the bell dangles from the loop. Repeat with the other two bells.

For the silver ball, place a bead cap on the head pin, the stardust ball and another bead cap. Thread on a 5mm tube and then turn a loop. See how to turn a simple loop here.

On the three eye pins with the bells, string a tube on each one. You can make up the correct lengths by combining smaller tubes if you don't have the right lengths. You want the finished lengths to be 5mm, 10mm, 20mm and 30mm. Then, turn a simple loop on the end of each one. 

Open a jump ring and hook all 4 loops onto it, arranging them from shortest to longest.

Close the loop and hook it onto another jump ring. Then attach it to the bottom of the bow connector.

Finish the earring by opening the loop of the earring wire sideways. Only open it far enough to hook the bow connector on so it doesn't put too much stress on the loop (overworked loops can snap).

That's it. Now, make a matching earring and then jingle your way through the festivities of the holiday season!

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