Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Glamourous Jewellery for the Mother of the Creative Bride

If you've been following the Wedding Collection, you'll have seen all the handmade preparations that went into the Creative Bride's wedding. We've looked at the Bonbonnieres, the table settings and the jewellery worn by the Bridal Party. But now, it's the Mother of the Bride's turn to shine.

Whilst all eyes will be on the Bride, weddings are also the perfect occasion for guests to dress up too. As Mother of the Creative Bride, I got to create a glamorous necklace for myself..... in a sophisticated shade of grey, tempered with a good dose of Swarovksi crystals for sparkle. I also made coordinating pearl drop earrings, so take a look at those too.

Mother of the Bride Necklace and Earrings Set

Here's what you'll need to recreate this dazzling, yet understated necklace:
14mm Swarovski Crystal Rivoli
SS29 Swarovski Crystal Chaton (6.14 - 6.32 mm) - six
13mm Swarovski Crystal Beehive buttons - two
6mm Silver Crystal Swarovski Rondelles twenty three
4mm Swarovski Crystal bicones - two
8mm Silver Crystal Swarovski Rondelles - twenty
8mm Dark Grey Swarovski crystal pearls  - forty
11x8mm Lt Grey Swarovski crystal pearl teardrop - one
Flower-shaped silver box clasp with Rhinestone (these are similar to the one I used)
14mm sew-on silver cup claw setting
28mm 6-arm silver cup setting
Beadalon Bright Silver 0.015" 19-Strand Bead Stringing Wire
Silver French Wire
#2 Silver crimp tubes - four
Silver ball head pins - two
Silver eye pin - one
4x3mm silver oval jump rings - four
permanent marker
5 minute epoxy adhesive

You'll also need:
Dremel Rotary Drill
1mm drill bit
Flat nose pliers
Round nose pliers
Flush cutters

Turn the claw setting so that one of the sides with no holes is facing you. Place a mark with the permanent marker half way between the two claws on one side.

Drill a hole close to the base of the setting on this mark. This hole will be used later on.

Position the setting on your work space with the hole you just drilled on the top right hand side. Count around clockwise to the second hole and insert a head pin from the inside of the setting through to the outside.

Turn a simple loop.

Continue clockwise around the setting to the next hole and insert an eye pin from the outside, across the top of the setting and out through the hole you just drilled.

Turn a simple loop. The setting should look like this.

String the pearl drop and a 6mm rondelle on the other head pin.

Turn a simple loop as close to the rondelle as you can.

Place a crystal in the 6 arm setting.

Use chain nose pliers to firmly set each prong against the crystal.

To make sure that things don't hook on the prongs, make sure there is no gap between the prongs and the crystals.

Repeat with the other five crystals.

Place the rivoli in the cup setting and press the claws against the crystal.

Mix up a small amount of 5 minute epoxy adhesive and dab it in the centre of the 6-arm setting. Use the toothpick to spread a small amount along each arm.

Centre the rivoli on the setting and set the focal component aside for the adhesive to cure.

Attach a jump ring to one of the rings of the beehive button. Cut a 35cm (14") length of stringing wire. Cut a 1cm (3/8") piece of french wire. Thread the french wire onto the beading wire and slide it along to approximately 3cm (1 1/4") from the end. String on the jump ring of the beehive component and position it on the french wire. String a crimp on from the long end of the wire, slide it up to the french wire and then insert the short end of the stringing wire through the crimp forming a loop.

Crimp it securely in place.

String the pearls and rondelles in the following pattern: 6mm rondelle, pearl, 8mm rondelle, pearl.

Continue until you have strung half the pearls and end with a 6mm rondelle. 

String a 4mm bicone. String a crimp tube, a 1cm length of french wire. 

Slide the box clasp along the french wire and then thread the stringing wire back through the crimp so that the french wire forms a loop and the bicone nestles inside the last rondelle. Slide the crimp up to the bicone, leaving just a little slack. Crimp securely.

Connect the beehive to the focal component with a jump ring.

Close the jump ring.

Make the second side of the necklace to match.

Open the loop at the bottom of the focal and attach the pearl drop.

And that's it. Isn't it exquisite! 
Sparkly crystal necklace centre piece

I can tell you, I felt like a million dollars wearing all these gorgeous Swarovski crystals and yet it wasn't over the top and it didn't compete for attention with the beautiful bride.

Of course, to go with such a glamorous necklace, you'll need a pair of coordinating earrings, so check those out also.

'Til next time.....

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