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How to Make Sparkling DIY Emerald Bauble Earrings

Make yourself some big and bold ornaments for your ears this Christmas. These striking Emerald Bauble earrings are made by stringing crystal bicones and gold seed beads onto ring-size memory wire. This is a challenging pair of earrings to make so if you find that turning the loops on memory wire is too difficult, then use 20g non-tarnish gold wire instead.
Emerald and gold bead bauble earrings
Finished length: 6cm (2 3/8")
Skill level required: Advanced

Here's what you need to make the Emerald Bauble earrings:

Memory wire shears, round nose pliers, two pairs of chain nose pliers, flush cutters
Bicone crystals, seed beads, and jewellery making supplies required to make the Emerald Bauble earrings

Use the memory wire shears to cut eleven full rings from the tube of memory wire.
Using memory wire shears to cut coils from the memory wire.

Turn an outward facing loop on one end of each one. The loop must be completely closed with the cut end of the loop butting against the curve of the memory wire.
Using the round nose pliers to turn an outward facing loop on the memory wire.

String three seed beads, a 4mm crystal, two seed beads, a 6mm crystal, two seed beads, a 4mm crystal and three seed beads on each ring.
Memory wire coil strung with gold seed beads and emerald bicones

Slide all the beads up to the loop and trim the memory wire just long enough to turn an outward facing loop, approximately 7 or 8mm (5/16").
Trimming the beaded memory wire with memory wire shears

There should be no gap between the last bead and the loop. Form loops on the other beaded rings.
Beaded memory wire component with a loop at each end

Open a jump ring and hook on the eleven beaded memory wire components, making sure they are all facing the same direction.
Hooking all the beaded memory wire components onto a jump ring.

Close the jump ring.
Closing the jump ring with chain nose pliers.

Open another jump ring and hook the other end of each component onto it. This will be really fiddly but just be patient and take your time getting the last few to stay on the jump ring. With a pair of pliers in each hand, close the jump ring. You may have to reposition one of your pliers three or four components away from the other pair of pliers in order to close it.
Connecting all the bottom ends of the beaded memory wire components together with another jump ring.

String a seed bead, a 4mm crystal, a 6mm crystal and the large bead cap on a head pin. Insert it through the two jump rings of the bauble and then string a small bead cap.
Inserting a head pin through the middle of the bauble

Grip the head pin above the bead cap and bend it above the pliers, creating a small neck.
Bending the head pin above the top bead cap with chain nose pliers

Form a loop....
Turning a loop above the neck of the head pin with the round nose pliers

grip the tail of the head pin with chain nose pliers .....
Wrapping the wire tail around the neck of the head pin with chain nose pliers.

and wrap it around the neck until the bead cap sits firmly against the bauble.
The finished wrapped neck with excess wire ready to be trimmed away

Trim away the excees wire. Attach the bauble to the earring wire.
Trimming away the excess wire tail with flush cutters close to the neck.

Now make a second earring to match.

These earrings would look fabulous made up in red and silver, blue and silver or even gold and silver. But whatever colour combination you choose, you will really make a statement wearing them - there is absolutely no doubting that they are Christmas baubles!

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