Thursday, December 17, 2015

How to Make Glitzy Gold Crystal Tree Earrings for the Holidays

On the 5th Day of Christmas my true love gave to me..... a very glitzy Christmas Tree.

Today's earrings combine gold spacer bars with sparkling silver crystals to make Christmas Tree earrings that are bursting with glitz and glam - they will certainly make your outfit shine. Aren't they just gorgeous?!
Glitzy Gold Crystal Trees - Finished length 5cm (2")

Here's what you'll need to make these earrings:
Tools: chain nose pliers, round nose pliers, flush cutters

String the bead cap on a head pin, bend it at a 90° angle and trim to 1cm (3/8").

Turn a simple loop.

String the star bead on an eye pin, point first. Grip it as close to the bead as you can and bend the wire above the pliers to form a neck and bend it at a 90° angle.

Form a loop above the neck. It should be facing the opposite direction to the loop of the eye pin (not in the same direction as shown in the photo).

Wrap the tail of the eye pin around the neck neatily until the bead is firm. The wire wrapped loop will be the hanging point for the earring.

Trim the excess as close to the neck as possible.

Cut a 15cm (6") length of wire and wrap the tail around the tip of the round nose pliers twice to create a coil to act as a stopper.

Insert the wire through the top hole of a 3-hole spacer, a crystal, the bottom loop of the star component (the pointed end), a crystal and another 3-hole spacer. Make sure that the two spacers face the front and that the pattern of the star is facing the front when it is in the upright position.

Pull up the wire and insert the tail into the second hole of the left hand spacer.

String three crystals and then insert the wire through the second hole of the right hand spacer.

Insert the tail into the bottom hole of the right hand spacer. String two crystals, the loop of the bead cap and two more crystals. Insert the wire through the bottom hole of the left hand spacer.

Starting on the left hand side, use the pliers to remove any slack between the top and second rows, pulling up the beads. Repeat on the right hand side between the middle and bottom rows.

Trim the wire to 15mm (5/8").

Starting at the end of the wire, create a coil by wrapping the wire around the tip of the round nose pliers.

Use the back of the flat nose pliers to flatten the coil inside the spacer.

Open the hook of the earring wire and attach the loop of the wire wrapped star. Make a second earring to match.

Gold and silver is such an elegant and sophisticated colour combination that really adds a touch of class to your jewellery designs. But if you're not a gold person, swap the colours around and use silver as the main component with gold highlights. Or for a totally different look, festoon the tree with coloured crystals instead.

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