Tuesday, December 22, 2015

How to Make Aussie Gumnut Christmas Earrings

In Australia (and in fact, all the southern hemisphere), we sometimes find it difficult to identify with traditional holiday motifs like snowflakes. 

And whilst we might dream of one day experiencing a white Christmas, the reality is that Christmas down under is in the middle of summer! 

Gumnut earrings inspiration sheet

As a tribute to our hot Christmasses, today's earrings are inspired by the gumnuts of the flowering eucalypts native to our bush landscape.

A Christmas tribute to the Aussie bush - gumnut cluster earrings
Aussie Bush Christmas - finished length 7cm (2 3/4")
To make the Aussie Bush Christmas earrings, you'll need:

Tools: round nose pliers, chain nose pliers, flat nose pliers, flush cutters
Beading supplies required for the Aussie Bush Christmas earrings

Grip the tip of one of the petal caps between the tip of the jaws of the round nose pliers. Bend it as if you were turning a loop.
Curling the tips of the tulip bead caps

The very edge of the petal may split, so be as gentle as you can.
Curled tips of the tulip bead caps will split a little

Bend the petals of three of the bead caps.
3 tulip bead caps with curled tips

String a red bicone, a filigree bead cap, a 6mm bead, a bell and one of the petal bead caps on a head pin.
Beads and findings strung onto a head pin

Turn a 90° angle just above the bead cap.
Bending the head pin above the beads

Trim to 1cm (3/8").
Trimming the head pin to the right length to turn a loop.

Turn a simple loop. String two more head pins the same way.
Turning a loop in the head pin on round nose pliers

Cut the chain in half and set one piece aside for the second earring. Open the loop of the gumnut and attach it to the bottom of the chain. Count up three links and then four links, attaching the second and third gumnuts respectively.
Connecting a piece of chain to each gumnut component

Attach the earring wire to the top of the chain. Make a matching earring with the remaining components.
Hooking the chain onto the loop of the earring wire.

I hope you've enjoyed a little bit of Aussie charm in these bush-inspired earrings. Perhaps it will inspire you to want to experience a southern hemisphere Christmas one day!

Just two more days and two more pairs of earrings to go in the 2015 Twelve Days of Christmas Earrings Extravaganza. Don't forget to check back to see them!

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Aussie Gumnut Earrings pinspiration sheet

Aussie Bush Christmas earrings project sheet

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