Monday, June 25, 2012

After the Celebration is Over.....

What do you do with all the decorations after the party is over?

Well, you could store them away for another celebration, assuming that you want everything to be the same colour and theme. Or, you could give them away to the guests as mementos.

That's what I did!

The napkin rings were a no brainer. I'd made them specifically with that idea in mind..... each guest got to take their napkin ring home with them.

And of course, there were the bonbonnieres for the guests as well.

But here's a couple of other things that went home with guests too.

I roped my sister into making these. She's not a crafter, but I put her to work stringing all the crystals onto memory wire and then I turned the loops. These "bracelets" decorated the rims of the jars of glowing purple LEDs on the table.

She's a bit of a purple girl too, so they went home with her and as the first piece of jewellery she has ever made. She's very pleased with the result!

Remember the candelabra?

Well, the little chandelier dangles on each arm were perfect for turning into earrings and I had more takers than I had earrings for this one. I've since made up another couple of pairs to go around.

And that leaves me with just enough mementos to treasure.

'Til next time.....

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