Saturday, December 1, 2012

How to Make Holiday Earrings that Really Stand Out - Free Project

There's something truly magical about crafting your own holiday earrings — it's like sprinkling extra cheer into the festive season! Sure, you could buy ready made Christmas earrings, but creating your own adds that personal touch that makes them extra special. 

And it’s a wonderful way to unwind and get into the holiday spirit. Even when you're super busy and rushing from one activity to another, finding time to craft your own earrings, and the satisfaction of wearing your unique creations while sipping hot cocoa and admiring the twinkling lights is unbeatable!

Red Christmas tree suspended inside a silver hoop with a dangling green marguerite bead below it.

What says Christmas holidays more than traditional red and green. Combined with silver for a bit of sparkle, these framed Christmas tree earrings are truly stunning. 

For this project you'll need:
Thread the marguerite on a length of wire so that one end is twice as long as the other. Bend the wire where it exits the bead so it forms a triangle shape. Using the flat nose pliers, bend the longer wire vertically where the wires cross to form a neck.

Wrap the shorter wire around the neck twice and trim it flush with the neck.
Wire tail  has been wrapped around the neck of the wire twice on the marguerite component.

Using round nose pliers, form a loop about 2-3mm above the first part of the wrap. Hook it onto the silver ring.

Wrap the wire around the neck until it meets the first part of the wrap. Trim away the excess wire.

Thread the Christmas Tree bead on a head pin. Leave a small neck and create a loop. Hook it onto the silver ring and complete another wrapped loop.

Use a jump ring to connect this loop to the earring wire and make another earring to match.

Now you're ready to wear your gorgeous Christmas tree earrings to your next festive gathering.

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  1. I love these! Great tutorial for wire wrapping a top drilled bead. :)

  2. Thanks so much Vicki. I love the way top drilled beads hang. They just have a different way of moving compared to a centre drilled bead.


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