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How to Make Christmas Bell Earrings - Holiday Earrings Without the Glitz!

For the times when Christmas glitter and tinsel seem to be too sparkly, tone down your outfit with something a little bit more natural. 

Wooden Bell bead cap Christmas earrings inspiration sheet

This gorgeous holiday earrings project uses wooden bell-shaped bead caps and pretty bows to create earrings that still say Christmas but with a lot less glitz.

Christmas bell earrings

To make this pair of earrings, here's what you'll need:
Beads and jewellery findings for the Christmas Bell earrings

For this project, you need to know how to open and close jump rings and how to make wrapped loops. If these techniques are new to you, these two tutorials show you how:

Thread a seed bead and star on each headpin.
Star bead and seed bead strung onto a head pin.
Cut the chain into two lengths measuring approximately 10mm (3/8") and one length measuring 15mm (3/4"). Turn loops in the headpins above the points of the stars and hook each one through a length of chain.

Wrapping the tail end of the head pin across its neck to begin a wrapped loop.

Wrap the wire around the necks of the head pins to secure the stars in place.
Star bead dangling on a length of chain.

Open a jump ring and thread on the chains and attach to the eye pin.
Eye pin with jump ring containing three star chains.

Thread the bell and bead cap on the eye pin. Leave a 2-3mm (1/8") gap above the bead cap and bend the eye pin at a 45° angle. Turn a loop, wrap the tail of the eye pin around the neck and trim away the excess.
Completed Christmas bell with dangling star chains.

Attach a jump ring to the bow and one to the wrapped loop. Open the 6mm jump ring and attach the bell and the bow together. Before closing it, add the earring wire.
Bow charm is connected to the completed bell component.

Create a matching earring using the remaining components.

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