Wednesday, December 12, 2012

How to Make Spiral Christmas Trees Using Wire and Seed Beads

One of the special traditions in my family is the annual tree-trimming party. I love this get-together so much. We make a big thing of it and all wear silly santa hats, cheeky elf hats, or reindeer ears and everyone hangs their favourite ornaments on the tree. We all bring a plate of sweet Christmas treats to share for the after-party (homemade, of course!) and enjoy it with a glass of Baileys in a melting ice shot glass. Yes, it's usually sweltering in my neck of the woods when December rolls around.

Our tree-trimming party inspired me to create a pair of whimsical wire Christmas Tree earrings. With colourful beads scattered along the wire, they are playful and full of festive cheer.

For this project, you'll need to know how to turn simple loops and make wire-wrapped loops. If these techniques are new to you, then check out these tutorials first:

Spiral Christmas Tree earrings studded with colourful seed beads.

 Supplies you'll need for these earrings are:
Leave a 4cm (1 1/2") tail on the wire and begin wrapping it around the cone in a spiral.
Wrapping the wire around the piping cone in a spiral pattern

When you get to the bottom of the cone, wrap once more around the cone to creat a flat bottom so that the earring will stand up. This is optional.
Spiral Christmas Tree wrapped around a piping cone.

Thread on an assortment of beads. Move them around the spiral until you are happy with their position. Dab some G-S Hypo Cement on the wire and then slide the bead over it. Glue only one bead at a time.
Spiral Christmas tree strung with seed beads.
Thread a silver seed bead, the star and another seed bead on the top of tree. Create a wrapped loop to keep them securely in place and trim away the excess wire.
Seed beads strung onto the wire with the star bead.

Finish the sharp end of the spiral by turning a small loop with your round nose pliers.
Using round nose pliers to turn a loop at the end of the wire on the bottom of the Christmas Tree.

Create a matching earring and sit back and marvel at your spiral trees. These are sure to get many admiring comments.

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